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My quiet London


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Lincoln’s Inn Fields ChAPEL

“… there was not a quieter spot in England than this. In all the hundreds of years since London was built, it has not been able to sweep its roaring tide over that little island of quiet.”

from LONDON THE BIOGRAPHY  by  Peter Ackroyd

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DSC_3481blogAs promised, I’m back with more street art from London. Here are some of my favourites, but you can see more in my new portfolio. I hope you find things that inspire you :)

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Just came back from London and wanted to share this with you. I did a small walk around Brick Lane, photographing London’s fascinating street art. This fantastic mural is by Puerto Rican artist Alexis Diaz. It’s an Elephant – Octopus which I think is purely beautiful.

I will post more street art of London in the coming days.

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A song I’m so happy to have remembered again.


You know I see London, I see Sam’s Town

Holds my hand and lets my hair down

Rolls that world right off my shoulder

I see London, I see Sam’s Town now

Sam’s Town , The Killers

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Sometimes you simply get lucky.

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A crane, sitting right in front of me in Hyde Park, London.

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My favourite London

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One of my favourite spots in London, the ruins of St Dunstan in the East, used to be a church, built in the 12th. century and  was bombed during the Second World War. The atmospheric ruins and gardens of St Dunstan are so full of peace and silence, I can’t help visiting this place whenever I am in London. Although being just at the heart of the busy City of London, in between the London Bridge and the Tower of London, the tranquility and the quietness of this place fascinates me. The moss on the walls, freely growing ivies, old tombstones, lacy windows, the decayed, the worn-out…

Hidden between the office blocks, St Dunstan is the perfect secret garden that won’t reveal itself unless you look for it. And this is the reason of my love for it.

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