Come close. I’ll tell you what the Sun, the Wind, the Cold and the Rain have done to me. First they decided to fade my colour away. Then they opened holes, drew lines on my skin. Eventually they cracked it into pieces and let them fall apart. Day by day, the weak and the trembling pieces left me one after another. Some resisted. But the hard working Wind took them away with a final touch. After that, they started working on my very flesh. How patient they were… First came the Cold, then the Sun, and the Cold again. With the help of Time, they managed to wear out my remaining layers one by one. I wasn’t that strong after all. I was the stable one, you know, but they were always on the move; coming and going with perfect timing. What was left behind was my core, open to all, showing how I was made, how I was put together; my very ‘self’.

I don’t remember when was the last time I saw the Snow; but if it were to visit me, I am sure it would be more gentle than the rest. It would even cover and protect me for a while.
Anyway, so here I am looking a bit ‘changed’. However at the end of the day I am not angry with the ones who did this to me… I even forgive them even though they don’t need me to. I accept it. I accept the change. Whatever happened was meant to happen that way, that specific way. So I accept it, and can now confess that actually loved every bit of it.
So must you.

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