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bu kadraja hapsettim seni





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” While watching around from my humble terrace…”

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Siena, through the eyes of a weary pigeon.

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Güzellik seni iyileştirir,

Ona hayretle bakabiliyorsan.

İnsana, yapabildiklerine…

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The legend of Romulus, the founder of Rome, and his brother Remus rescued and fed by a she-wolf, is represented by sculptures and pictures all over Siena. Siena is believed to be founded by Senius, son of Remus. This sculpture is right in front of the Siena Cathedral, which is believed to be stolen from the Temple of Apollo in Rome and brought to the city by Senius.

I know I am posting maybe too many sculpture photographs, the thing is I can’t help taking photos whenever I see one especially when it’s surrounded by beautiful architecture, just like this one. I love to learn about the story behind them, I love the way they get old, I love to try and find the perfect background for them just before taking a photograph, I love the pigeons resting on them, I love the fact that they will stand there “for ever” and I will find them on the same spot whenever I wish to return.

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Little Tailor

I was sitting in a cafe in Siena and there was this cute little vintage shop right in front of me. There was a little boy in the shop, who I guessed was the son of the owner. He seemed quite at home and knew what he was doing while helping others inside.


I was already taking photographs of the shop and the vintage stuff outside.


Then he came outside and sat on one of the little chairs with a white shirt ( probably an old one ) in his hand. He noticed that I had a camera and was a bit shy about it.


I tried not to make him uncomfortable but I was also curious about what he was up to. I managed not to pay attention to him and I think I was able to make him forget me for a while. He started sewing, probably repairing a part of the shirt. Left handed, he was quite skillful and he seemed like he had done it before.

DSC_0349blog Most of the time I am also not comfortable on this side of the camera while taking photos of people. Do you think I should practice more?

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DSC_0456blogfrom the Siena Cathedral, the most beautiful cathedral I’ve ever seen.

you can see more of it here.

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what does it look like?

the world through your eyes?

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