The legend of Romulus, the founder of Rome, and his brother Remus rescued and fed by a she-wolf, is represented by sculptures and pictures all over Siena. Siena is believed to be founded by Senius, son of Remus. This sculpture is right in front of the Siena Cathedral, which is believed to be stolen from the Temple of Apollo in Rome and brought to the city by Senius.

I know I am posting maybe too many sculpture photographs, the thing is I can’t help taking photos whenever I see one especially when it’s surrounded by beautiful architecture, just like this one. I love to learn about the story behind them, I love the way they get old, I love to try and find the perfect background for them just before taking a photograph, I love the pigeons resting on them, I love the fact that they will stand there “for ever” and I will find them on the same spot whenever I wish to return.

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